How to Plan For Your Wedding Video and Photography

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Wedding Videography Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding planning takes forever, but the day itself seems to fly by. Cinematic Wedding Videos of Fort Myers, FL can make sure your big day is well-shot and will help you save those memories for the rest of your life. Follow our set of tips for everyone from the bride and groom to the wedding guests.


Do: Get inspired by photos from other weddings. Pinterest boards, e.t.c. But be cautious not to let what others have done restrict you. After all, this is your wedding not theirs.

Don’t: Micro manage your wedding videographer, particularly if you’re hiring a pro (more on that later). You wouldn’t tell your baker how to bake the cake or the caterer how to arrange the plates.


Do: Schedule a trial run with your makeup and hair stylist prior to your videographer in the process or simply send a few images to add inspiration to the preparation for the big day.

Don’t: Stress too much on the day of the wedding. Communicate your preferences, schedules and priorities before hand and delegate responsibility so that on your wedding day, the prevailing image emanating from you is pure happiness.

Do: Enjoy every moment you can with every family member and guest you have the joy of sharing your wedding day with. You will have scheduled plenty of planned photo shoots, but some of your day will feature impromptu moments that just happen.

Don’t: Hide! If you are camera-shy on every other day of your life, make the decision not to be shy on your wedding day. Accept that you deserve all the attention of a million lenses and refuse to be intimidated by the seemingly endless photos and video of you that are being taken.


6-12 Months before the Wedding:

Schedule an engagement photo shoot. If your ceremony is sooner than 6-12 months away, don’t worry; just have your photos taken as soon as you can.

1-2 Months before the Wedding:

Send your engagement announcement and photo to your local or hometown newspapers.

Do: Choose a location that’s meaningful to you both (as well as being pretty to video and photography).

Don’t: Be afraid to send out both print and digital “Save the Date” announcements. Even if you print only a selected few for snail mail, you’ll be glad to have a version you can hold in your hands when you look back years from now.


Do: Include the date of your wedding in at least one or two of your engagement photos. Yes, you can add those graphics to your announcement, but the date will be extremely meaningful to you for the rest of your life; it’s a simple, beautiful touch.


Do: Smile… for the right reason. You are smiling (so much your face will hurt by the end of the day), but you are never smiling for the videographer. You are smiling because you are marrying the person of your dreams. Remember that and your smiles will never look awkward.

Don’t: Get frustrated by how long the photos take. Tell yourself from the very beginning that photos are joyful. Think about it: the most important people in your life are gathered together in honor of you and you have no idea when or if that collection of people will be together again.

Don’t: Think of your wedding day as your last chance to goof off. You will have fun all day long, you don’t need to worry about that (and let’s face it, you won’t lose all signs of immaturity at the altar). But the last thing you’ll want is to find out that some of the photographer’s best shots were ruined by silly faces or looking down at your shoes.


4-12 months before the wedding:

Research and choose Cinematic Wedding Videos of Fort Myers, FL. Ha! Schedule a shoot for the engagement video.

1 month before the wedding:

Meet with your videographer to review the timeline for the wedding, establish priorities and other details for formal and candid photos. If there are any unique situations in your family (divorces, stepparents, other personal issues), be sure we are aware of that.

1 week before the wedding:

Confirm all details with Cinematic Wedding Videos of Fort Myers, FL and exchange emergency contact information. Provide accurate directions and any other information needed for us to arrive and set up equipment.


Do: Have fun. No photographs better than happiness.

Don’t: Get lost. Do your best to be where you’re supposed to be at all times. The less-than fun aspects of arranging epic photos go by much, much more quickly when everyone is close by.

Do: Make sure everyone is having a good time and you’ll have a good time. Posing for photos or meeting out-of-town relatives may not be your favorite thing, but this is a party – and the point is to have fun.

Don’t: Look at the camera unless directed. (or the converse: don’t look away when you are directed). Any time a photo involves many people, it only takes one person to render an otherwise perfect photo unusable. Don’t be that person.


Do: Let the videographer take the shots of the ceremony.

Don’t: Take your own videos during the key moments of the wedding. Put your phones and iPads away. The happy couple hired a photographer and a videographer, so unless your name is on that check, keep your electronic devices out of the otherwise beautiful shot. You can take photos anytime the rest of the day, and you can get digital copies of the professional photos very soon.


Do: Consider timing then around sunset. The last hour of sunlight in a day offers up the most beautiful, golden-hour lighting. You only have one wedding day and one opportunity to take advantage of that lighting.

Don’t: Let the pressure of the people waiting to see you dictate when you take photos. This is your day, your schedule, your priorities. Everyone will be delighted to see you whenever they can.

Do: Use creative methods to capture the countless photo opportunities a reception offers. Tell guests to use a predetermined hashtag on social media they post their photo and updates. Provide photo booths or disposable cameras. Unleash the creativity of your entire guest list in capturing the memories of your happy day from their happy perspectives.

Don’t: Stop there! Use your own creativity and inspiration to make your wedding day the video that document it perfectly.

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