The Timeless Debate of Wedding Photo vs. Video

By August 31, 2016 September 13th, 2016 Wedding Photography

Brides have lots of decision to make while preparing for a glamorous wedding, making a choice between a videographer, photographer or to have both services to take coverage of the wedding ceremony can be a worrisome task. This decision can be made for you, based on your budget and your requirements without being biased, since we provide both video coverage and photography services.

A wedding is a memorable event in a person’s life; not having record of these events at all might not go well at the long run. Therefore if you are not going for both then you need to opt for one of the options either pictures or videos.

There should be a photographer at a wedding, so the point where a bride tends to be optional is if there will be a videographer. Despite the fact that a photographer cannot over rule the effects and functions of a videographer, but a wedding can still be memorable having pictures hanged on the wall. Having both pictures and video coverage will be the best never the less, but if video coverage will be luxurious then pictures will do.

A Wedding Video Budget

At Cinematic Wedding Videos of Fort Myers, we believe the importance of media coverage is always down sized while considering the budget set aside for it by couples, and that’s just wrong! Having stunning coverage of your wedding is as important as the gorgeous gown/dress or as the catering services provision for the wedding or as the romantic reservation made for the honeymoon. The media coverage is that which makes all other factors important in a way that they will not be forgotten. So how much do you feel will be enough to keep those above highlighted features of the wedding importantly remembered after they are long gone.

So there should be a clear budget that keeps the sweet memories of that uncommon event alive. The media should be a priority while drafting out the budget for a memorable wedding.

So now that you have seen the importance of having a budget for media coverage for the wedding. The debate on whether photography takes more of the budget or its video coverage that should take more of the budget or they both have equal share of the budget springs forth.

The Differences in Video & Photo Coverage

This is matter of priority, which would you prefer, a portrait hanging with a picture album to show friends and visitors or having to watch your wedding video at every of your wedding anniversary, reminding you of your vows to your spouse. So which of this would you rather opt for?

At Cinematic Wedding Videos of Fort Myers, we believe that as time passes, wedding videos are becoming more creative compared to when it was firstly introduced into wedding events. The quality and creativity put into wedding video productions is what makes it measure up to the effects photographers put into wedding pictures. So, your wedding video can be as fun and creative as you want it to be and also depending on the creativity of the videographer. These points to the reason why couple might decide to invest more in their wedding video production than pictures.

Photography might bring out more color and creativity of the wedding, rather having a full coverage memory of all little things that matters during the event, the sound and other motions and side events that took place, even to your surprise some events that skipped your view will be reviled to you via the wedding video.

So if you want to have all the details of the wedding and want to hear the wedding vows all over again, then you definitely go for video coverage. A photo won’t give a full memorable capture of your wedding.

At Cinematic Wedding Videos of Fort Myers our goal is to provide stunning video coverage to our clients at amazing affordable rates. We help you cut the stress of having to decide on which option to go for. While should you choose between photography and video coverage; when you can actually have both to have an optimal fun remembrance of your memorable day.

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